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    Last concert of the summer.

    Yeah, this is happening.


    New look to the ol' blog

    Yes, I know I rarely ever update this between Facebook & Twitter, but I dig this new template.

    It's cool, like the other side of the pillow.


    I'm With Coco

    NBC is getting it right with 30 Rock, The Office, & now Community. Why can't they just purge themselves of this decades-old Jay Leno situation and just embrace and move forward with Conan O'Brien?

    No one really thinks Leno is that funny or even a good host (even Johnny Carson said he wanted David Letterman as his successor) & his current crappy show (not to mention crappy attitude during interviews) is evidence of that. People didn't tune in to see Leno, they tuned in b/c it was The Tonight Show - a staple of programming.

    I mean, Judge Ito & O.J. jokes almost 10 years after the fact? And 'Jaywalking' is the most popular part of his program? Funny, it was called Small Town News when Letterman did it years earlier.

    Move forward, NBC. Evolve.

    Are they seriously going to give The Tonight Show back to Leno so he can ruin it?...AGAIN?

    There's a movie that was on HBO years ago called The Late Shift that chronicled the behind-the-scenes antics during the Carson/Leno/Letterman debacle NBC went through at the time. Not surprisingly, it's getting really hard to find right now as its content has become relevant once again, but it's worth seeing sometime.

    It also stars (a pre-Christopher Guest films) John Michael Higgins as Letterman.

    ...and history repeats itself.



    Having been a fan of The Beatles since infancy, The Beatles: Rock Band is is such a cool concept and the game does not disappoint at all. Even if you are a moderate fan of videogames, this is such a cool experience and not to be missed.

    I can't get over how awesome and accurate the character models are and how believably they age as you jump from venue to venue following the career of the Fab Four. Granted, there are some liberties taken and some minor historical changes needed to adapt their story to a videogame, but there's nothing that doesn't make justifiable sense. And the way they handle the Abbey Road recordings are something to be seen to be believed. In addition to the 45 songs on the disc, there are also full album downloads to come.

    Plus, it's the freakin' BEATLES!